June 2, 2010

laugh for no one else

it's been such a whirlwind week, and it's only going to get worse this month. so many weddings to go to, and all the shit that goes with it, plus i have to finish and print a comic in less than two months. i don't hate weddings so much as i hate all the stupid bullshit that people expect you to go through beforehand or else feel like a jerk, at least if you're a girl. there used to be just a shower and then a bachelorette/bachelor party where everyone just relaxed and partied or whatever, right? now there's like three or four different parties where you're required to bring a gift and/or money. it's pretty ridiculous. i don't think i'm going to a friend's bachelorette party because it says in the invitation there'll be a male stripper there, heh. i can't think of anything more horrifying and awkward.

my family was just in town to visit me. it was a frenzied event, and i realized what a practice in frustration and futility it is trying to do anything or have a discussion with my family, but overall it went well, i think. i took them to go eat at a place on the outskirts of downtown detroit and now they think i need to move, haha.

other things:

got these weird, chocolate candy cigarettes at the cool candy store in wyandotte. they taste like shit, but then again i bought them for the packaging.

also got a boss wonder woman notebook for jotting down scripts and ideas and crap, and OMG, PUFFY, GLITTERY my little pony stickers!! with bunnies! XD

Gammy now has a tie, just in time for school pictures.

i cleaned the shit out of the place so my parents wouldn't think i live in the squalor that i normally do, so you could actually see most of my desk! still cluttered with my crap, but that's how i like it. XD

i know there's been a severe absence of art stuff to my blog lately, and i hope to rectify this. i want to try to stop posting as much personal/whiny shit and post more drawings and stuff...since that's what really matters, anyway.


mortmortmorty said...

wtf where did you find that amazing WW notebook?! they never sell anything cool like that where i live :(

Kaylie said...

Target! XD