June 5, 2010

don't nobody know my troubles

just as i finally finished my Dinogeddon script and was beginning to draw, my computer died on me. i guess my ram is the culprit. gonna have to wait a few weeks to get a new one, can't afford it right now.

refusing to admit defeat, i'm borrowing rob's computer for now and hooked my tablet up to it, ready to explode the pages out that have been building up inside me the past few days, only to find my tablet won't work right for some reason. i fucking hate this shitty tablet, goddamn.

also going to have to work more in order to save up cash, which = less drawing time. ugh. i still refuse to admit defeat at this early stage, but i'm beginning to sweat and feel like it will be a fucking miracle if i have this stupid comic done and printed in time for the Toronto expo i hope to attend in august.

also dealing with a bunch of heinous body image issue nonsense.

forgot to mention, but i finally watched Dead Snow with my brother at his suggestion. it was pretty good; nothing too new or revolutionary (except nazi zombies + a zombie story taking place in the snow, i guess), but it was pretty entertaining for what it was. it was fun. i really liked the intestine rope part.

i lied about not writing about personal, mopey stuff anymore.