June 28, 2010

shitty Dren sketch

saw Splice last week and really enjoyed it. the ending felt kinda...i dunno, rushed, haphazard? but it's one of those types of movies that would be really difficult to end perfectly. so i forgive it. the best part is, of course, Dren. oh, and i usually despise any kind of romance/sex in movies, but this movie has probably the best, hottest sex scene ever in it. that's all i'll say. :p

i only kind of half-assed references so i'm sure this is probably riddled with inaccuracies. maybe i'll finish this at some point. i love Dren SO MUCH so i'd really like to do a finished drawing of her. but ya know. COMICS.


ross said...

she looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaahhhhhGHGHG i want to draw her too!!! i wish i wasn't so busy! you nailed her likeness.

i hate sex in movies too, i think i said that in my "review" also, but yeah, the one in this movie gave me a slight stirring. :|

Kaylie said...

haha "a slight stirring." XD it was definitely bananas, i was surprised they went there, maybe that's why i liked it so much. very ballsy movie.

thank you, i'm so glad you like my rendition of her! <3 can't wait to see yours.