April 13, 2010

oh nose

had an interesting conversation with someone in which i pointed out i noticed that he had a thing for a particular "mouth type," because while he liked a pretty wide variety of girls looks-wise, they always had the same type of mouth, teeth and lips. since then and giving it some thought, i've come to realize i may have a similar fixation with noses.

screw eyes; noses are almost certainly the first thing i notice about someone's face. but it's not necessarily a matter of how beautiful or attractive i find a nose, but how artistically fascinating it is that draws me to it.

i know this young lady is beautiful by just about anyone's standards, and i'm not arguing that she isn't indeed beautiful, but in my personal view her face is just a little too bland. she's a characturist's nightmare; no outstanding features. her nose in particular is a yawn. so tiny and "perfect."

although cute in theory, i'm not that into these little, upturned, round noses. probably just because almost everyone in my family has this nose. bunch of bland, baby-faced people.

 here's where things get interesting (for me). both these people have interesting noses, but for my purposes i'm focusing on the guy. lookit that nose. now that's a nose with character. i love the mixture or dips and rises, the curves and straight lines. this is one of my favorite types of noses. i look at people's faces a little longer and try to figure out the geometric shapes that comprise their schnoz if they have a nose like this.

this is another of my favorites, the "hawk" shape. straight and slightly down-turned, or maybe flat and wedge-shaped at the tip. i tend to like any noses that can easily be made up of recognizable geometric shapes. the more prominent and architecture-like they are, the better.

can't find a good real person example, but this might be my favorite shape of all. perfectly straight, with a pointy, slightly down-turned tip. this shape is SO FUN to draw. i particularly enjoy it if it has that small dip just below the brow before going straight into the bridge (again, can't find a relevant picture of this).

and lest i seem like a cute, small, or rounded-nose bigot, i do enjoy nose-watching in all its exotic varieties of shapes and sizes; these are just the ones that set my heart aflutter when i see them in real life, like a bird watcher who spots a rare yellow-bellied pheasant. for instance, this girl's nose is just awesome in how cute and absolutely round it is. just a grouping of cute little circles! i'm a girl of extremes, i am.


Unknown said...

thats is so nice!! I thought I was the only one who gave such importance to this part of the body!! Funny.. I love noses, but I like the small ones as well.. In fact I like the ones that are beautiful and harmonic, some of them big, some small.. I tend to like the pointy ones, like Alessandra Ambrosio's or John Stamos's. But i like when they are smooth and look like they were sculpted. I don't like when they are too small, because i want them to be a very important part of the face, they have to 'call attention'. I like the straight ones, too, they so hard to find.. Im glad to find someone who shares the same passion as myself.. Loved your page, and loved the way you described the noses you like the best, very interesting..