April 1, 2010

help Steve Perry

i know my blog doesn't carry very much clout, but i thought i'd try my best to get the word out.

basically it's summed up here: http://lorelei76.vox.com/library/post/help-stephen-perry-writer-of-thundercats-and-silverhawks.html

i made a donation a few weeks back that was embarrassingly small because that was all i could spare, and he sent me this incredibly gracious, grateful e-mail. and recently i sent him another small donation and got another super nice e-mail. i'm posting this because i'm sure he still could use all the help he could get, fighting cancer and trying his best to take care of his young son. and the thing about this situation that really tears at my heart is that this could easily be me, or any of the many artist/writer friends in my life.

anyway, yeah. thanks if you read this and feel moved to help out.