April 8, 2010

emotional shirt

feeling weird lately. like i'm going through these ups and downs emotionally. i start feeling down when i contemplate what i am and what i probably should be doing with my life. all i really want to do is learn as much as i can, express myself to the fullest possible extent, whatever that may be, and experience as much as i can. but it seems like life, at least my life, is set up to be a stifling antithesis to these goals. subjugate myself for money only to not make "enough," then die. is this all there is to life? am i just looking at it wrong?

also keep having weird mood swings that don't seem to be triggered by or related to anything in particular. i'm making good progress on a comic and for some reason this makes me feel like weeping. maybe hormones? there is no logic in it.

anyway. enough of my cheeriness! here's my favorite shirt, ever.

years ago my uncle brought it back for me from a business trip to, you guessed it, Germany. i have no idea why i love it so much, other than it's damn comfortable. i guess i like eagles, and the coat of arms are pretty cool. maybe it's sentimental? i dunno. i know that i kick myself for wearing it while i bleached my hair. stupid. it's falling apart now and full of so many gaping holes that i can't wear it in public without it being considered indecent. but i can't bear to part with it. maybe eventually i'll figure out a way to salvage it.


Anonymous said...

I was born in germany. And I have a shirt somewhat similar to yours (:

Kaylie said...

whoa, that's awesome! :D hope someday i get to visit germany; then i can buy another of these shirts heheh.