April 19, 2010


few things have consistently endured in my affections over the years like sailor moon. it all started one morning in summer when i was eleven; i had an ear infection, so sleeping was all but impossible. i gave up trying at 6 am and turned on the tv and watched samurai pizza cats. but the show after that was truly magical. pretty, goofy, stylized anime girls transformed into soldiers in tiny skirts and whooped up on some weird-ass sexy demons. and there was a talking cat. i was hooked from that moment on.

and rather than waning like so many other interests, my love for sailor moon has only grown exponentially over the years. some months ago i finally tracked down the "lost" and "forbidden" very last season, sailor stars (thank god for youtube!) and began the thrilling but painstaking process of watching every episode. it was truly a wonderful season, definitely one of my favorites. i totally cried at the end. XD

perhaps my favorite things about sailor stars is the introduction of the three starlights (gender-bending female sailor soldiers from across the universe, sent to earth to find their long-lost princess, meanwhile moonlighting as a boy band), and that mamoru is once again handily swept out of the entire series. only this time it is interesting because he's not kidnapped or comatose as per usual, but he has to go away to university, i think to the u.s. and this creates a very interesting moral and emotional dilemma for usagi, who never hears back from him yet tries to remain steadfast despite her loneliness and pangs of doubt...and then, in comes seiya.

here's some really shitty sketches of seiya x usagi i did tonight while i was nerding out about all this.

i'm always kinda hesitant to draw anime characters, because i feel like they get a little too distorted and i'm not sure how to handle certain features they have in my style, but whatever. i couldn't resist drawing these two any longer.

i don't really care if seiya is male or female, i like her either way with usagi. <3 i guess part of me likes the seiya + usagi pairing because vicariously, i'm crushing on seiya a little bit myself. XD when stars began, i fucking hated seiya. i thought he was just a typical stuck-up cock anime character. but as the season went on, he won me over hard. once you got to see how sensitive and disarmingly genuine he could be, his cockiness became more charming. and it doesn't hurt that he's so unwaveringly dedicated to usagi, despite her constant rejections and affirmations that she's already "taken." i have a definite soft spot for one-sided romances, and immature boys. plus, he and usagi are just so funny together. XD

besides seiya just being an all-around better character and a better match for usagi i think, mamoru is just fucking boring, and he never really seems that into usagi anyway. throughout the entire series, he always brushes off any attempt on usagi's part to get romantic with him...which i guess makes sense and is kind of noble at first, since when they start dating she's in middle school and he's like, about to graduate high school. just every now and then he'll be like,"oh, usa-ko, you're so stupid and cute," and kiss her forehead or something. i think the only truly romantic gestures he performed for her that i can remember off-hand is that one time he ate cookies usagi made him despite them being horribly burned (after she started crying about it), and he rushed out to buy her some expensive glass slippers (?) she'd wanted for her birthday (after he'd forgotten her birthday like a total dick! ). he's presented as being this incredibly stoic, well-read, cultured and super-intelligent young man with tons of restraint...and it's like, THIS is the ideal match for usagi, an immature, crybaby who fails all her classes? XD it always seems to me that mamoru isn't really into usagi at all, but rather keeps on being with her because it's their "destiny" or whatever, and they've already met their daughter from the future that he's crazy about, so he doesn't wanna fuck that all up.

anyway, i'll stop rambling about this inane crap and go back to working on things i should be doing. maybe one day soon i'll do a real seiya + usagi fan art and get it out of my system, haha! oh yeah, and this video. <3 few things make me all fangirly and gushy and fawny, and seiya is one of them. i love that episode when usagi thinks seiya's trying to put the moves on her XD hahaha and the part where the monster shows up and seiya grabs usagi and gets all serious...!!! SIGH<3 okay, stopping now!! XD