June 23, 2011

pancake batter

sticky notes

work memo pad doodles

i'm thinking about applying for an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop....

June 19, 2011


just a quick note to say i'm still alive. i've been veeeery busy lately....for me, anyway. i got a new job doing clerical/receptionist stuff at a car dealership. everybody's really nice, the pay is good, and the girl that did my job before me was a huge screw-up i guess, so i look amazing by comparison. it's rough getting used to a full-time schedule, though. i haven't really had much time to draw, or anything else.

and i'm hesitant to admit it, but i just haven't really wanted to draw, or care about drawing anymore. i'm wondering if it's just things being kinda hectic right now and maybe once i settle in i'll want to go back to drawing and stuff, but i'm also slightly worried that i just don't feel it anymore. i've always felt like nobody really cares about what i'm doing, i mean when you get right down to it, but that was okay, because i still cared and that was enough. but now i don't even care anymore, so...i'm not sure how to feel about that.

but i've said plenty of times in the past that i'm going to quit art/comics and i always came back, so who knows. maybe it's just another one of those things. just putting my energy into something nobody cares about, not even me, seems like a huge waste of time right now, and time seems to be slipping by so fast i'm afraid i'm going to wake up tomorrow and i'll be eighty.

June 5, 2011


June 2, 2011


i'm not much into drawing these days, but i'm real into sketching.