November 18, 2010

never missed my water till my well went dry

i'm out of green tea D:
really into blues and like story telling music right now...i think because i heard "Isis" by Bob Dylan on the radio the other day. I'm mostly really inspired or moved by visuals anymore, but sometimes words are so perfect they really grip something in me like nothing else.
White Stripes cover of "One More Cup of Coffee" - YouTube
Bob Dylan is a fucking poet.
Son House - "Death Letter Blues" - YouTube
Robert Johnson - "Hellhound on My Trail" - YouTube

Robert Johnson is so infinitely fascinating to me. i'm kind of glad not more is known about him, because all the mythos is so mystifying and romantic. XD only two known pictures of him exist, no one's sure exactly where he came from or when he was born, or other minute details of his life. even disappeared for years at a time with no one knowing where he'd been. his recordings are his legacy, along with legends about his personality and a Faustian origin story for his talents. i love that he had a reputation for being surley, dour and gloomy. maybe depressed people can be great artists.


Sophie said...

looks great!!!!!! :D

i like storytelling type music too, but specifically concept albums where all the songs together tell a big story. i love that shit even if the story is stupid. XD

Anonymous said...

Love those character designs. I really want to see Dinogeddon come to fruition. It looks nuts.

Kaylie said...

thanks so much! hopefully i'll get it going soooon....