November 4, 2010

body language

hope everyone had a good Halloween! mine was pretty good. i was a skanky Snow White, haha!


Disney's The Little Mermaid - "Poor Unfortunate Souls" -YouTube

damn, i love Ursula! best Disney villain ever? y/y? i wish i was one of those super ambitious people who make really bad-ass Halloween costumes every year, because i'd love to be Ursula sometime. but i don't really like going to parties and crap, so it'd be kinda pointless putting that much effort into something no one else would really see. but yeah, she's so cool. her expressions are the best, so over-the-top. and i looove how they animated her jiggling boobs, and her back fat. XD

i've always been real into mermaids; they're probably my favorite mythical thing, tied with unicorns. i think maybe i'd like to do a mermaid comic.


Anonymous said...

Haha love it!! And don't underestimate the importance of.. BODY LANGUAGE!! :p

Kaylie said...

haha yess!!! :D

ross said...

i love Ursula too. i had a second Ariel drawing i did years ago but i never finished it.