November 16, 2010

dying from memory

my sketch for Project Basement vol. 2 is up on! the theme this time is least favorite characters, heheh.

going through a pretty bad depression lately, but i think (hope?) i'm pulling out of it. i hate how my depression leads to me stagnating, which leads to even more depression. such a vicious cycle. stagnation is my biggest problem. i think maybe the best (only?) way to get through it is to work myself through it. the stuff i produce might suck, but at least i'm producing.

Bette Davis

lightning strike scars!

i kind of like this idea


Sophie said...

holy shit, is that really a scar from being struck by lightning?! and it LOOKS like lightning somehow?!?!? no way...

i've seen that shark tattoo a bunch of times but it never really gets old.

hope things shape up for you, hang in there!!!