October 14, 2009


I think I need to find a new place to put my tablet, because whenever I draw for a while it starts killing my shoulder. But I can't really think of anywhere else to put it. hmm. I've been drawing like a fiend lately! It feels really good after having a sort of block for a while. Thanks to everyone who's been so supportive of my art and my comic thus far! It means a lot, and has really helped me to keep going. <3

And now for something completely different. XD A friend of mine pointed out this weird etsy shop to me: vulva love 

I guess it's a feminist shop, in which everything is basically artistic representations of different female organs; breasts, uterus, and particularly vaginas. Now maybe I'm missing the point or something, but I don't really get how crap with vaginas on it is necessarily feminist. I can appreciate it artistically on a certain level I guess, but the feminist message is kinda lost on me. Isn't it more like it's propagating the idea that women are defined by our bodies and physical attributes? Does vagina = feminist?  Of course not. 

But I guess it's trying to say that part of feminism is revering women's own unique private parts...but I'm not really into that. Not that I find vaginas ugly or shameful or anything, just that I don't find them particularly pleasing to look at. It's the same with penises. If some guy went around wearing a "dick pride" necklace I'd think "wow, what a fruit loop!"

I do, however like the uterus plushies, hehe. But that has more to do with me liking internal organs and gross stuff in cute plushie form than feminism, heh. To each their own, I guess. I bet Georgia O'Keefe would love this store.