October 10, 2009

José González

Sadly I'm just now discovering the work of José "Pepe" González. I'm not usually into really realistic, classic "comic book" style drawing, but there's something absolutely beautiful and captivating about his art. I guess it comes from him having been a classic painter before getting into comics. He had an incredibly soft, sensual touch.
I love this page! It's everything comic erotica should be! Look at those beautiful, expressive faces and passionate poses! You can almost feel their skin.

I'm particularly fond of his work with charcoal and pencil. I love the retro-ness, the mysticism and sensuality it has. I know whatever I saw with this guy's art on it, I'd definitely have to pick it up!

And although I'm not very fond of the same old overly sexy, objectified versions of female characters that so often fill comics (especially from decades past), there's something exhilarating in González's depictions, though it's hard for me to pinpoint just what. Perhaps it's the confident, regal air most of his females seem to carry themselves with, or the way in which he seems to genuinely care about his subject, faithfully reproducing every curve of a (albeit well-endowed) woman who looks as if she could really exist, instead of an extremely fetishized exaggeration whose only purpose is titillation.


0becomingX said...

YES FINALLY I CAN LEAVE A COMMENT!!!! XD i wanted to say José "Pepe" González art is beautiful thanks for sharing him. I love the black and white sex scene. The way he uses nibs and lines is very interesting. I dig the slave scene too i need to check him out more.