November 8, 2011

rolling with the punches

i feel like depression's trying to set in again....i know i'm not thinking/feeling anything new or that hasn't already been felt by most people a billion times before, and in the grand scheme of things none of it matters anyway, but......blah. i feel directionless and purposeless, meaningless. sometimes i think of death as a positive alternative to things because at least it's something new and unknown, and is exciting in that way...even if it turns out nothing happens when you're dead, at least you stop being disappointed.

lately i'm obsessed with chubby/fat girls that have comparatively tiny hands and feet.


Shawn Atkins said...

or you can keep on drawing cause drawing new things even more awesome then the after life. cheer up it gets better I should know cause im grabbin on what ever keeps me sane i've been unemployed for two years,creeping more in debt which is scary anyways one day you'll back on this and thrust me it gets better on that note my final words are.the grass is always greener, theres always a brighter day, great taste and less filling and go team coco

p.s sorry for the long message and run on sentences and bad grammer

Kaylie said...

thanks, Shawn :) the sentiment is greatly appreciated! eh, i've weathered worse bad moods before; it's not the first and i'm sure it won't be the last. like you said, gotta keep drawing!<3

Anonymous said...

Nearly every time I was death-depressed, in the past, I quit my job and moved to a new location.

Now I've realized that my fucked up childhood and family of origin has caused most of these "depressed" states. The constant release of cortisol while being yelled at and hit as an innocent, young guy had biochemically brought on cases of depression and worthlessness.

Solution, so far... find good people and focus on them. Don't focus on the shitheads and fuckers. Process them out somehow.

It's like, one needs to create and foster a bubble of happiness around her/him and forget about the other shit whenever possible.

Hope this is helpful.

Drawings on this post are sweet!