October 27, 2011

raging seas

i've been watching Gamera movies lately: Gamera, Gamera vs. Barugon, Gamera vs. Guiron, Gamera vs. Gaos, and Gamera vs. Zigra tonight. so far i think Gaos and Guiron are my favorites as far as the movies, but i think Barugon is my favorite monster. Zigra's kind of boring, there's just so much people talking and doing stuff, and i just want to see Gamera shooting fire underwater and bodyslamming the shit out of Zigra. although it was pretty awesome when Gamera knocks Zigra out for a minute and plays, like, cartoon xylophone music on his fins, and cracks himself up, haha.

i kinda made a mash-up of different Gameras i like...plus i tried to make him more turtle-y, with a long neck, like a snapping turtle. when i was little i used to find turtles in the woods a lot, and catch snapping turtles when i'd go fishing with my dad, and Gamera has always kind of reminded me of those turtles. i guess i made him kind of scary and gross, heh, but i was kind of picturing him as more of a swamp-dwelling Gamera than a sea-dwelling one.

i also did a quick sketch of Zigra, but it's mostly from memory and i kinda lost interest near the end, so it kinda sucks, heh. i had a lot of fun drawing these though, and it kinda makes me want to draw the other monsters i've seen so far.

i named my cat Gamera, but he is not awesome and badass like the real Gamera, so i probably should have named him something else.


Sophie said...

awesome!!! are you planning on watching the 90s trilogy and the 2006 one too?? those are also great.

i like all of Gamera's foes but i hate Gamera vs. Barugon, haha. fuck that movie. did you read my angry write-up about that back when i was doing daily Gamera sketches? XD. i think Guiron is probably the best Showa era movie, but my favorite is Gamera vs. Jiger despite the horrible African embassador guy in one scene, heh. Jiger is definitely my favorite enemy monster, she's just awesome.

your Gamera looks like this one, which is a fan-made model i believe: http://images.wikia.com/godzilla/images/c/c6/Gamera.jpg

i like Gamera vs. Zigra a lot but it's one of the slower ones, yeah. but i like how Zigra has that bikini-clad lady avatar who runs around, and then i love Gamera playing his theme song on Zigra's spikes. my favorite part is when Zigra transforms from swimming-form to walking-form, but they just cut the film and the next shot he's got legs out of nowhere, heh.

Kaylie said...

i'd really like to see the rest of the Gamera movies, yeah, if i can find them...i wish they were streaming on netflix or something. haha i didn't know you hated Barugon...the movie sucks, but i really like Barugon as a monster, even though i don't think they used him to his potential. i actually really liked Gaos...trying to trap him by using a giant goblet of blood on a turntable, hahaha, so awesome!

holy shit, i MUST have seen that image of that figure before, even the pose is similar! XD i'm such a chode, haha. i've tried doing more classic-looking Gamera sketches, but they always look weird to me.

i do like how Zigra controls the bikini lady, yeah.

Sophie said...

Netflix has the other movies on the site but they're listed as "save/unavailable," d'oh. they do have the 2006 one, though, Gamera: Little Braves which is probably my favorite Gamera movie. it's not streaming but you should still check it out. i wish i'd known you were into this stuff when we hung out over Fan Expo weekend, we could've watched the 90s movies.

you commented on my i-hate-Barugon blog post, you totally knew i hated that movie!! XD you said "i bet your review is better than the movie" or something.

yeah, your Gamera sketch is like DEAD ON to that one picture!!! are you sure you weren't referencing it without realizing it? XD

Kaylie said...

i don't think i was that into Gamera at the time...i know i saw a couple of the movies as a kid through my brother or something, but i didn't really have a big interest until i saw like the first one on tv recently.

haha, sorry i don't remember your lj reviews of the movies! XD i just remember that they were pretty funny, and the sketches were awesome.

i probably did, yeah! that's what i was saying, haha. i looked at tons of pictures of Gamera and i'm pretty sure that was my favorite one, and i remembered it as me doing this cool mash-up of different Gameras, but it was really just a copy of that Gamera i guess. i almost never save my reference images so i didn't remember how similar that one was till you posted it. so yeah, i'm a copycat loser just like i always feared and should go die or whatever haha! XD

Sophie said...

Kaylie, as my friend, i expect you to memorize all my blog posts, okay? wtf

yeah, get your own interests or whatever, you copycat style thief.

anyway i like that one Gamera but his nose is a little too long for me, i'm a total nitpicker, heh. i don't really like his blank eyes, either, i like when he has pupils. it doesn't get better than the 1999/Gamera 3 design!!!

Sophie said...

i think my comment got eaten...