August 24, 2011


page four of my weird dream-based erotic comic thing. i guess i'll call it Ponygasm because i can't think of anything else.

i'm still working on Dinogeddon too, but i've been feeling lately like working on side projects like this, and maybe even painting, or at least sketching.

August 15, 2011


August 8, 2011

choking and keys

embarrassing old comic pages based on real life.

i can't find the rest of the pages, but it ends with Jack being abandoned by April and Lance, and he finds a pay phone on his own and calls a tow truck, and waves at Lance and April as the tow truck goes by them. then he shows Subi that he still has the key that they had to remove from his stomach because it was caught at just where his esophagus ends, and Subi is grossed out.