August 8, 2010

in over my head

watched Willow for the first time since i was like 10. it's weird; i tend to have a pretty good memory and retain lots of useless trivia, but when it comes to movies, i seem to have short-term memory loss or something. i'll forget everything that happens in a movie just a few weeks after seeing it, unless it's a movie i liked when i was younger and had a more obsessive personality, in which case i more than likely watched a favorite movie many hundred times and it is now permanently committed to memory, ingrained into my gray matter. Willow is one such movie. watching it, i was delighted and surprised by all the memories forgotten that were re-awakened. it was like being reunited with old friends after decades of being apart. i'm sort of going through this awkward, quarter-life crisis thing right now where i don't really feel like an adult but i'm too old to be acting like a child or teenager anymore, so i often seek comfort in nostalgia, which more often than not leads to the disappointing feeling of "this just can't be recreated," or "this isn't as good as i remember it." it's nice that, at least with Willow, it was something that i enjoyed just as much, if not more so, than when i was a child.

also watched Breakfast on Pluto. nice, quirky, sweet-without-being-too-precious bit of queer cinema. although i like that unlike a lot of queer films, it isn't about trying to "fit in" or searching for an identity, when it comes to sexuality and gender roles, anyway. though everyone else may have their own ideas about her, from the very earliest stages in her life Kitten knows what she is -- a girl-- and never once falters from that assertion. she instead is looking to discover herself in a different sense, through finding long-lost family. i really liked it. and not just because of Cillian Murphy in drag (though that certainly didn't hurt. ;) )


i tried drawing him (Cillian Murphy...shut up, I'M NOT OBSESSED, LEAVE ME ALONE D:), but i hate drawing real people. at least in non-caricature ways.

it seems to me there's a certain presence that certain people's features have that can't be expressed in drawings unless you're willing to go overboard and get a little cartoony with it. it's like the idea of a set of eyes, or the idea of the nose rather than what they actually look like. does this make sense? i don't know.


mark slater said...

hey kaylie.
you're goin' to fanexpo too!? that's awesome! as an exhibitor or just for fun? stop by the table and say hi! =)
great sketches by the way.