August 20, 2010

giving up the ghost

*edit* here's a link to the whole 90-minute movie without any breaks: Requiem for Detroit?

an artful, sad documentary on the rise and fall of Detroit. this pretty well outlines all the reasons why i have such a fascination with Detroit. every city has its stories, but Detroit is such an interesting beast. totally a soiled dove. once the fourth biggest city in America, now the blueprint for economic disaster and a ghost town. the apocalypse is already here.

"Ruins are the visible symbols and landmarks of our societies and their changes ... the volatile result of the change of eras and the fall of empires. This fragility leads us to watch them one very last time: to be dismayed, or to admire, it makes us wonder about the permanence of things." - Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre


Sophie said...

so crazy. :(
i found a better video of it, it's the entire ~90 minute thing in one video and it doesn't have the cropped edges:

Kaylie said...

cool, thanks!