March 3, 2010

strikingly beautiful women

being a strikingly beautiful woman must be awesome. you can do pretty much anything and everything you want fashion and hair wise, and take pretty much any risk you want, and it won't inhibit your beauty whatsoever. in fact, it seems that for the most part taking fashion risks is a beauty enhancer, displaying your inner confidence, individuality and highlighting that you are, in fact, a strikingly beautiful woman, no matter how you decorate yourself.

even something that the mainstream considers to be extremely aberrant and anti-beautiful for women, like shaving one's head completely, doesn't hinder the strikingly beautiful woman's beauty. rather, it enhances it in a way. without the distraction of hair, her gorgeous features take center stage.

or you can go the opposite route, like these girls, in which your hairstyle becomes the main focus of your look, and is a work of art in and of itself. but it only seems to work when someone with a quiet grace and radiative beauty can pull it off.
oh yeah, and of course there's make up too...anything goes! so amazing.


ross said...


is that Megan Fox pic real?! did she really shave her head?!?! i know it's fashionable to hate her and slam her or whatever, but she is smokin'.

Kaylie said...

haha yeah, i think it's real! i read that she shaved her head for some upcoming movie role where she's an alien or something...right up your alley! ;p

i dunno about her acting or whatever, but she is totally gorgeous, yeah! love her eyes.