March 14, 2010


i'm thinking about getting another tattoo, but it's hard for me to think of something i like. i usually like more simple, design-y type stuff. so i got the idea to look up Junko Mizuno stuff, since she's one of my all-time favorite atists and her stuff lends itself very well to tattoos. i'm so glad i looked her up again, because she's been up to so much apparently, and i've been out of the loop!

pieces she did for a valentine-themed art show. so awesome!

i love how much she's evolved as an artist, devolping new more sophisticated sensibilities while still retaining that bizarre charm her work is so famous for. i really admire her so much; she's everything i can ever hope of being.
i love her toys! Pure Trance is one of my favorite comics of all time, and i wish i had more money than sense like when i was younger and living rent-free with the parents, so i could get all the magnificent related figurines. T_T

apparently she also has her own line of condoms and lubricants in Japan, that come with little trading cards featuring her artwork. XD i love it! like i said, she's my hero in every way!

oh yeah, but as far as the tattoo thing, i still didn't find anything i felt would do it for me. the search continues.


samax said...

awesome. i bought her book Pure Trance.


anyways, i love that chainsaw nurse (yes... that's how i roll!)

Eve said...

I love her work too. I have 8 of her Pure Trance toys (very addicting)...also her Pure Trance trade. And oh yeah, have you seen her My Little Pony? I got that rules!

ross said...

i have this vague, possibly false memory of meeting Junko Mizuno at a convention years and years ago but i seriously cannot remember, haha. i got Pure Trance a while ago and tried reading it but i couldn't get into it and i think i got rid of it but your enthusiasm for her work makes me want to try it again, maybe now that it's years later i'd appreciate it. i also had her Hansel & Gretel book but i don't know where it is... gotta find those when i go to my parents' house tomorrow!!

Kaylie said...

aww, yay! you should read it again!! :3 it is pretty weird and i can't remember, but i think i didn't really like it entirely on my first read-through, but over time i've come to appreciate it more and more.

i didn't like hansel and gretel so much; to me it's the weakest of her fairy tale series, both artistically and story-wise. princess mermaid is so good, though!!