August 29, 2012


i'm currently open for commissions (you can e-mail me at if interested!). here's a few i've done recently.

a client's oc. he kept telling me she was a "tsundere" to explain to me how to convey her personality; i had no idea what that was and had to look it up, haha.

this was a commission for Kelly Thompson, who is a fellow sometimes-guest on the Audioshocker's A Podcast With Ross and Nick. it's the two main characters Bonnie and Lola from her amazing upcoming YA novel The Girl Who Would Be King, which just enjoyed a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

and finally, this was for a client who wanted to incorporate some elements from my comic Dinogeddon, but with more of a Frazetta type of feeling. i got the feeling he wanted something more realistic than my style, but i think it still turned out pretty well. i really liked his idea of the gender role reversal for the fantasy trope.