January 27, 2012

farm animals

Corey and Jenelle from Teen Mom 2

Sailor Moon and a sugar packet

plus, i got this in the mail last night! Battle Kittens: the art of R. Dart. i strongly suggest everyone get it, as her art is mind-meltingly good, as is her Battle Kitten stuff, which i really hope develops into a full-blown comic or animated project some day. apparently she was a background artist for Mission Hill and is now a character designer for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, two of my favorite animated series ever, so that could help explain my fondness for her stuff.

and it's Gammy-approved!


Shawn Atkins said...

That does look like an interesting book to get. definitely putting it on my must read list. Awesome Sailor Moon btw!

Kaylie said...

awesome, i bet you'll dig it! thanks, Shawn!!!

Anonymous said...

You Teen Mom sketches are spot on. I mean spot. on.