December 18, 2011

pardon me

last weekend we had a little holiday party/get together thing, and this is the outfit i wore:

i've thought about making an outfit of the day blog type of thing, it's fun, but i don't really wear that many cute outfits, mainly just boring office clothes. but maybe i'll post it here whenever i particularly like an's my blog, why not.

i spent a lot of money i don't really have on getting a new fakie Blythe an supplies to mod her. i haven't really been feeling drawing and comics lately, but i miss doing something creative...i've been thinking about maybe sewing or knitting again too, but i'm really bad at knitting because i can't count the stitches easily...i think i might have a learning disability that was never addressed when i was younger, because i catch myself trying to read things backwards a lot, and i really struggle with basic arithmetic that doesn't phase other people...whenever i have to count wads of cash at work i start hyperventilating and my face gets all hot because i'm worried i'll count wrong, or the person watching me will realize i'm having real difficulty counting it, heh.

i want to make a dark-skinned Blythe with bright orange hair...i learned a lot from my first mod, so i hope she comes out okay. i'm excited to get started on her.


Cara said...

The party was lots of fun and I loved your outfit! :)

Also, I can't wait to see the finished doll! I really want to modify my own one day- adding it to my list of an impossible amount of projects to do!

ross said...

you don't look too thrilled in that photo! XD

Kaylie said...

Cara: aww, i'm glad you had a good time, i was worried i was a bad hostess or it wasn't fun enough or something :p it would be so cool, and we could work on blythes together!!

Ross: i wasn't, because i was trying to figure out how to not get terrible lighting in my room...and according to you and everyone i work with, my neutral/non-emotive face looks incredibly mean and angry, so i've just decided to embrace it.

Nick Marino said...

i love the Li'l Kaylie cartoon!!!