March 14, 2011


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ross said...

i like the guy in the foreground in the last panel, he looks like he's about to turn and head for the hills.

ross said...

going back to Black Swan for a minute, what do you think about this write-up?

Kaylie said...

haha, he makes some good points. i can agree on the stupid male gaze thing, i was kind of noticing that too, especially the whole lesbian sex dream thing we talked about and how i didn't really "get it."

the thing with how ridiculously innocent natalie portman is represented, to the point of being comical, i can agree with too, but for me it kept making me angry, like her behavior to me that seemed really weird, and the way the movie let on that she "wanted" this weird abusive relationship because she was so indoctrinated into a patriarchal world or whatever, it made me really uncomfortable/angry. but maybe that was the point? i'm not sure.

as time goes on i'm remembering bits of it less. i think i was super sucked in by it because i'd never seen a movie like it before dealing with that subject matter before, plus i was watching it with people who really weren't taking it seriously and didn't want to be there and were making me uncomfortable, so i think i need to give it a really critical viewing when it comes out on netflix or something.