January 18, 2011

dream castle

...all spawned from a dream i had. sometimes i don't know if i should be grateful or weirded out by my dreams. most people have pretty straight-forward ones, or fantastical ones, but mine are usually kind of like a Dali painting; a bunch of disjointed, really crazy things with no apparent theme, but maybe there is an underlying one and i'm just not smart enough to figure it out, i don't know. at least this dream kinda had a story.

Aqua - Lollipop (Candyman) video, Youtube

Aqua - Barbie Girl video, YouTube

i love Aqua, totally un-ironically.


ross said...

oh my god

ps: if you posted these on DA, you would get 385302495830495 hits. ;)

Kaylie said...

heheh XD

Nick Marino said...

A-DOUBLE-FUCKING-MAZING!!! That third pic of dreamland you getting fucked by the unicorn My Little Pony is just... I'm without words. It's so wonderful.

I really wanna hear about the full dream! What kind of stuff happened before and after? How weird did it get?

I love the second pic of you licking the horn and the unicorn being all stoically aroused.

ross said...

i'm with Nick how great these are.
the girl in the pony porn drawings very well may be you, which is fine, but you don't mention it at all so i like how Nick just leapt to that conclusion without any kind of indication. XD

Kaylie said...

haha thanks, guys! XD

in my dream i was having sex with the pony, but it was from like my perspective, so i'm not sure what i looked like, or if i was even really me (if that makes any sense...i have dreams fairly often where i look like/am somebody else, and people i know look like other people, etc.), and there's also the somewhat embarrassing implications of drawing myself starring in my own pseudo-bestiality toy porn...plus i don't really think i'm the porn star "type"...XD

so in short, no, it's not directly supposed to be me, but i guess it kinda subliminally is supposed to represent me, since it's my dream and all. i just kinda made an everygirl character that shares some small aesthetic cues from me. so i guess it is me, and it isn't me. XD i don't know!

ross said...

maybe Nick WANTS it to be you.