December 15, 2010

the bite

after 20 pages, i feel like i'm finally beginning to get a feel for these characters and how i should be drawing them. it's decidedly looser, more cartoony, way more expressive, i think. most people probably won't like it, but i think it feels right. i feel like i tend to over complicate things, especially in art, like i'm trying to compensate or something. but sometimes less is more. not usually, but rarely.

ugh, the going is still so slow though, because of being drained from work so much. but i will prevail!

snow is ruining my life this week.


Nick Marino said...

AWESOME PAGE! i can't wait to read it. when will i get to read it?

Workshop 13 said...

cool page! I really like the t-rex

ross said...

looks awesome!!! i really love the girl's nose in the first panel, the girl on the left.

Kaylie said...

thanks you guys!!<3